The hostel is well equipped with a kitchen, medical room and enough dormitories. It can house almost 400 children comfortably. Experienced kitchen staff provides delicious vegetarian food in time. Twenty-four hours water supply ensures the need of water effectively. Diesel gen-set facilitates the shortcomings of power cuts. An experienced and efficient warden, his men and residing teachers take care of children.


Hostel Regime

An “Empty Mind is a devils workshop”. So as to keep the students engaged, the school has a busy schedule. The routines start at 5:30 am with ‘Suprabhatham’, followed by Mass ‘Yogasana’ and a ‘Study Session’ for an hour. After the morning bath students take ‘Break-fast’ together with the residing teachers. The school session begins at 8:30 am with prayer followed by the assembly session. Thereafter the regular classes will start from 9 am.

Medical Facilities

The health of the children is adequately safeguarded in the school. Physical well being of each child is regularly checked by qualified Medical Officers. Periodically children are examined by specialists and health camps are held.


The unique feature of this hostel is that the students will get the loving gudiance of dedicated staff along with balanced nutritious food.